Bish Lab 2024

Mandy Bish

Assistant Professor & State Extension Plant Pathologist


Dr. Bish is the Principal Investigator on the team.  She earned a Ph.D. in Cell Biology & Molecular Genetics at the University of Maryland. Her postdoc training was with the USDA-ARS Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Unit at Fort Detrick, Maryland. 

Alex Haafke

Senior Research Specialist

Alex oversees small plot and lab research. She earned a Master's Degree in Plant Pathology at Iowa State University with focus on Diaporthe sp. infection of soybean

Jeff Barizon

Ph.D. Student and Senior Research Specialist

Jeff manages nematode testing at SCN Diagnostics. His Ph.D. research involves characterizing plant parasitic nematodes across Missouri. Jeff earned a Master's Degree in Plant Pathology at Iowa State University, with focus on soybean cyst nematode. 

Feyisayo Akande

Ph.D. Student

Feyi's research involves evaluation of current disease management practices on soybean pathogens through strip trials conducted on Missouri farms. She earned her Master's Degree in Botany and Plant Pathology at Purdue University where she characterized the role of a PIEZO ion channel in plant defense and pattern-triggered immunity.

Melanie Carraher

Graduate Student

Melanie is characterizing Cercospora species responsible for Cercospora Leaf Blight of Missouri soybean. Melanie earned a B.S. Degree at MU and is co-advised by Dr. Jim Schoelz and Dr Bish.

Meghan Biggs

Research Specialist

Meghan assists with nematode testing and small plot research. Meghan earned a B.S. Degree at MU and has considerable experience in pest management research.

Cameron Gromek

Research Specialist

Cam assists with small plot, greenhouse, nematode clinic, and on-farm research. He earned his B.S. Degree at Michigan State University and has experience with pesticide applications and GIS mapping.

Susan Taylor

Research Technician

Susan isolates and cultures fungal pathogens for the team. She earned a Master's Degree in Plant Pathology at MU and has extensive experience isolating and culturing an array of fungi.

Jared Fogue

Media Producer 2

Jared uses a combination of design and production skills to enhance content developed by Extension Specialists and promote communication of MU pest management efforts. He earned a B.A. Degree at MU in graphic design.